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As part of a book-CD to appear on the music of Burkina Faso, the French Institute for research:

    - Collections of 33 rpm vinyl records

    - Collections of 45 rpm vinyl records

    - Of phtographies

    - Press articles

    - testimonials

    - And any other graphic material

to trace the history of music of Burkina Faso 60 years to today:

Volta Jazz, Harmony Volta, Amadou Ballaké, The Unbeatable Leopards, Cisssé Abdoulaye, Konde Mango, Youssouf Diarra & El Echo del Africa, the Dafra Tidiani Coulibaly & Star, Super Volta Capital, Pierre Sanwidi, Dominique Valle, Maurice Sempore, Joseph Salambéré, Kaboré Mathias, Kombemba Supremes, Seydou Traoré Richard, the Vultures of Flamboyant, Youssouf Compaore, the jinn, Georges Idy ... This list is not exhaustive. Vinyl records from Mali, Ghana, Benin and Togo are also welcome.

If you have this type of document, thank you to contact the French Institute of Burkina Faso (CCF Georges Méliès) before June 20:


30 or 50 or 60 97/98/99 73 76 93 72


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